Boarding House Insurance

Boarding house insurance provides coverage for boarding house-related businesses. It is also called rooming houses or lodges. In this business, the owner earns by providing accommodation facilities to the tenants. Boarding house insurance in Brisbane helps the business in case of incidents and perils such as fire, floods, storms or similar damage. It provides income protection, workers’ compensation, and many more different benefits. Thus, investing in insurance and safeguarding your business from unexpected and unfortunate events is the best choice.

What does the Boarding House Insurance Cover?

Boarding house insurance covers multiple things. It also depends on which type of insurance you select and what you want to include in your insurance policy. Generally, boarding house insurance covers property insurance, liability insurance, contents insurance, loss of income insurance, legal expenses insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and many more. You can also get the insurance policy customised according to your specific business requirements. Hence, contact Integrity Insurance to get insurance for a boarding house in Brisbane.

Benefits of Boarding House Insurance

  • It provides property protection, covering building structures, fixtures, and fittings against accidents and incidents such as fire, theft, storm damage, vandalism, etc.
  • It offers content insurance coverage, which includes the content of the property, such as furniture, appliances and other items provided by the landlord for the tenant’s use.
  • Liability protection helps the owner from legal claims and lawsuits from the tenants.
  • If you face property damage due to a storm or fire, which causes you to shut your place temporarily, loss of income coverage helps keep the business stable during the repairs and in case of such events.
  • It offers workers compensation that covers the cost of medical bills and other things in case the employees face issues or injury during their employment.
  • Knowing your business is protected from different perils and incidents gives you peace of mind.
In order to safeguard your business from different events such as fires, floods, damage to property or loss of income due to these damages,boarding house insurance in Brisbane is essential. To get the right deal for your boarding house business, you should contact the best insurance brokers in Brisbane, Integrity Insurance. We ensure that we provide the best insurance deals for your business. To learn more about our business, email us, call us or contact us at [email protected]


Boarding house business insurance costs can vary. It depends on different factors such as the size of your lodge, location of the business, security risks and so on. The insurance cost will vary according to your requirements and things included in the cover. To get the right guidance regarding the insurance cost, contact the best insurance broker, Integrity Insurance.
Yes, you can customise your insurance policy according to your requirements. Get in touch with your insurance broker to get a customised insurance policy. They can assess your assets, understand your requirements patiently and accordingly suggest the insurance deal that best suits your requirements.
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