Check Your TPD Insurance Claims So That They Will Not Turn You Down

Insurance policies and claims are changed with time. ASIC releases reports and some amendments in rules end with major insurance changes. If you are not aware of such changes then may result in consumer harm and to avoid that you either can check for the amendments on regular basis. If due to lack of knowledge or time don’t feel can manage the insurance policy requirements on their own then can seek help from professional insurance brokers.

Around 9 million Aussies hold TPD insurance and 86% of them do with their superannuation fund. You need an expert to tackle issues like jargon and make successful claims. To make your TPD insurance claim successful you can follow the below-mentioned points so that would not turn you down. 

Plan To Qualify For TPD Claim

When you are unable to go to the office for three or more months due to illness, injury, or any other issue, then you will be eligible for the TPD claim. Insurance policies have different prospects for returning to work and before making a claim better you need to go through such definitions.

When do You claim TPD?

Forgetting the claim approved, you need to understand the claim process properly and this is helpful for not getting denial for insurance claims. To start the process, you need to get in touch with the superannuation fund. Get done with the paperwork and initial assessment. You can be asked for the illness or injury proofs like medical or hospital bills or records. Submit a written application for a superannuation fund including details on why your claim should be approved. In some special cases, you will be asked for more evidence to support the TPD claim. Usually, it is done within the time frame of up to six months.

Steps To Follow To Claim for TPD Insurance

Check For Your Superannuation – Initially, check for all your TPD policies. Any people have multiple super funds because they had more than one job over the years. So, if you have multiple funds then check for multiple TPD policies to file for TPD claims. The member states will tell you about the insurance cover included with each fund so get the statements first. Prepare the list of TPD policies. In case, due to any reason, you have lost the statements or are not sure which insurance is included, then you can consult a professional insurance broker near you who will guide you better.

Check Validity of Policies Before Claim– For claiming against a policy, at the time of claim it needs to be valid. This is true that injuries or illnesses can’t be produced and develops over time. So, check for the validity of policies before the claim and choose the best one at the time of claim.

Follow The Approval Criteria  Every policy has its terms and conditions. So, you need to read through the terms and conditions which will give you an idea about what lump sum amount you will receive at the time of claim. With some of the TPD policies in Australia, you don’t need to be unfit for work when asking for a successful claim.

Submit An Application – To make the claim process error-free, submit a thorough application attached with entire documents and medical records as confirmation. When you simply fill the forms and submit them and wait for the claim, then trust me that is a never-ending wait. Attaching evidence to support the TPD claim is necessary. In some cases, the insurer asks for more information to support the completion of the process. When finding it difficult to complete the process, and then seek help from an insurance agent. A specialist compiles the paperwork and application on your behalf so that you will get the TPD claim approved.

A Written Submission Why the Claim Should be Approved– This is a vital step for getting a successful TPD claim. Attach a well-written submission that will state the reasons you asking for the claim and satisfies the criteria.TPD specialists understand the importance of this step as they write many submissions every year. So, if you find it difficult to have a well-written application, then seeking professional help is the right thing you can do. Don’t forget the importance of this step, because a poorly written application sometimes becomes the reason for the rejection of claims or the insurer might doubt the claim.

Follow The Instructions by Insurers – When you become proactive, then it will not end with frustration and delays in the TPD claim process. Your insurers will not take any decision immediately when they found anything missing or suspicious. Make sure, you follow up with the claim process and process whatever they need from you.

If the case Claim Is denied, Follow Dispute Process – In case, your TPD claim denies, then this is not the end. The reason, you can go with the dispute insurers’ decisions. The specialist can make successful TPD claims on your behalf when your claims are denied.


Integrity Insurance Solutions is a leading insurance company in Brisbane, Australia. We have a team of professional insurance brokers working hard to make the claim process a hassle-free idea for you. With our experience in the field and making many projects delivered successfully, we make sure you will get your TPD claims to get done with perfection. You can also get more insurance policies with personalized requirements and at affordable prices. For more information, you can call us today!

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