Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance Policy

Integrity Insurance Solutions is offering Aussies, business owners, commercial property insurance in Brisbane. Our expert team can keep your commercial property protected in many ways:

What is Commercial Property Insurance?

Business property insurance behaves like the protection cover for the business and it helps keep business recovered after the major peril. This is the reason, it is required by almost every business whether you have your own building, a building on the lease, or doing work from home. The core coverage available for any of the business owner policy is commercial property insurance Brisbane, which offers a protection plan for building along with its contents.
At the time of getting commercial property insurance from us, you should mention to us everything you should get insured like assets and expected income. Having an apt policy cover is a helpful idea to keep the entire building cover and make replacements of any content or building. When you rebuild the premise and make contents replacement, according to the policy you will be able to get the business interruption covers so that your livelihood will not suffer.

Commercial Property Insurance Coverage

Commercial property insurance is prepared in a way so that all business types can be covered, including the assets and premises. Our expert team will check your requirements and prepare an altered plan according to your budget from the property insurance types mentioned below:
  • Child care centers
  • Telecommunications
  • Theaters and cinema halls
  • Medical centers and hospitals
  • Shopping mall and markets
  • Banks and airport buildings
  • Camping grounds
  • Pubs, resorts, restaurants, take aways and hotels
  • Worship centers
  • Retail stores
  • Manufactures and wholesalers
  • Single or multi-tenanted

Protect Your Commercial Property With The Right Business Insurance

Common Commercial Insurance Policies

We are offering the people running a personal, on the lease, or borrowed commercial property, with commercial property insurance in Brisbane. We will suggest the one, which is most suitable for you.

Special Form Policies

This insurance type keeps safe your property from all types of risks excluding terrorism, earth movement, and insect attack.

Basic Policy

This insurance type offers coverage from common disasters including storms, floods, and fire.

Broad Form Policies

There is much risk covered under this commercial property insurance in Brisbane, including water damage, the damage caused by snow, or damage due to building collapse.

We Are Here, Cost-Effective Insurance For Your Commercial Property

Benefits of Having Commercial Property Insurance From Integrity Insurance Solutions

Getting a commercial property insurance Brisbane with Integrity Insurance Solutions covers the building and its assets, but it also comes with a variety of benefits

Get Tailored Insurance Plan

You can get the insurance plan according to your personal requirements after discussing it with our team of experts. We are available with flexible policies, which give you the liberty to choose the most suitable commercial property.

Cover Available For Leased Or Borrowed Property

This insurance type offers cover for the borrowed and leased building. It also covers the income when a disaster happens you need money for rebuilding the property, which does not belong to you.

Coverage for Business Interruption

his insurance type offers covers in case of peril strikes like having the fire breakout, Storm and floods, and if your building or its contents or both are damaged. You incur more damage while recreating the whole building and contents. It offers the money till the time you started the business again.

Coverage for Employees Property Present in the Premises

Integrity insurance policy creates the altered for protecting the employee’s properties in the commercial premises. Like some drivers used their personal vehicles and electronic gadgets when on duty and this coverage option is for them.

Coverage For Extra Expenses

When you get damage to your business, then you should start from the bottom. This insurance cover will help you make done those extra expenses, which will be helpful to support the business establishment.
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