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Keep Your Commercial Vehicle Insured With Us

Commercial vehicle insurance is necessary, regardless of any type of business you run and any kind of automobile you are required to use in the business. The insurance cover by Integrity Insurance Solutions is tailored suitably fit for small or large vehicles used for business purposes. A vehicle that is owned by a business is driven by the owner or employee gets covered by the business vehicle insurance. We are providing the insurance policies to keep your financial interests safe by covering the liabilities in case any unfortunate thing happens. The policy will help you to deal with every ins and outs, also could be beneficial for your business by keeping you safe. You can contact us today and ask for the commercial vehicle insurance quote.

Types Of Commercial Vehicle Insurance Include:

Third-Party Insurance

Every commercial vehicle owner needs to keep his vehicle insurance with third-party insurance cover. We offer the insurance covers having the coverage options available for the policyholder which keeps him safe from legal liabilities which can be there when with the commercial vehicle, the damage is done to the third person or the third party. This insurance policy has no benefits for vehicles and covers only a third party. It gives complete compensation to a third party in case of death or having a permanent disability and some part of compensation is provided to the third party when any physical injury or damage is done.

Comprehensive Insurance

This commercial motor vehicle insurance cover is optional and a business owner is not required to have the policy as per the law. We advised you to get yourself covered with this insurance policy as this covers the damage caused to your vehicle, third-party vehicle, or property. So, your vehicle is also safeguarded against damage from natural calamities or man-made disasters. Along with this, it also keeps you covered from the third party liabilities which can be there because of injury, death, or the damage caused to the third party. Ask for your commercial vehicle insurance quote today.

Protect Your Commercial Vehicle With The Right Insurance

Features And Benefits Of Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Whether you pick the comprehensive or third party insurance cover with commercial vehicle insurance, you will enjoy the features and benefits explained here:
  • Safety and protection for the commercial vehicles
  • Coverage from the natural disasters include hail and flood
  • Cover from the wicked damage and vandalism
  • Emergency repair
  • Theft and fire
  • Freedom to choose your repairer
  • A guarantee on repairs
  • Multiple drivers
  • Widescreen repair (excess free)
  • All-time roadside assistance
  • Rental car available in case of any mishap
  • Accident cover available for the driver, owner, and passengers
  • A comprehensive cover available for third party and own damage
  • Personal and property liability available with the third party liability

Types of Commercial Vehicles We insure

Integrity Insurance solutions are offering the various insurances under category:

Truck Insurance

  1. Truck and Trailer insurance
  • Prime movers trucks and rigid trucks
  • Pig trailers, dog trailers, and articulated/semi-trailers
2. Downtime insurance
3. Fleet insurance
  • ​​Trucks
  • Sedans
  • Light commercial vehicles
  • Business owners personal vehicles
  • ​Plant and equipment
4. General liability insurance General liability insurance saves your transport operations from the financial risks incase liable for the third party loss, damage or injury due to services or products you provide. 5. Carriers marine cargo insurance Insurance to all types of carriers and marines used for the business purposes 6. Plant And Equipment Insurance
  • ​Excavators
  • ​Bulldozers
  • ​Skid-steer loaders/bobcats
  • ​​Backhoe Loaders
  • ​Tipper Trucks
  • ​Cranes
  • ​Mobile Cranes
  • Harvesters
  • Drill Rig
  • Borers

Get Customized Insurances Designed For Commerical Small or Large Vehicles

Choose Our Business Vehicle Insurance Brokers

Integrity Insurance Solutions are a team of insurance brokers in Brisbane. We are a licensed insurance broker managed to get a prestigious place in the market. Along with that below mentioned are the points that will give you the reason why you need to choose our business vehicle insurance brokers:

Designed For Your Businesses

Integrity Insurance is a tailored solution suitable for the business owners in accordance they do best. We are working hard to keep your business’s future safe and prepare a plan as per your requirements. For that, you can ask for the commercial vehicle insurance quote today.

Easy Claims

Throughout the claim process, we keep advising you and we also advocate you for getting the motor insurance claim without paying an extra penny. Our expert insurance brokers make the claim process a hassle-free idea for you. You can contact us and leave everything on us and gets the seamless and no-hassle claims process.

Keeping Your Success Safe

We are having years of experience in the field and we understand how important it is for a business person to keep the business build and maintained safely. We are doing that safety part of you by keeping you and your success safeguard with the tailored insurance covers available for you.

Complete Coverage

We are offering you the proper comprehensive covers which offer you both third-party and own damage cover. With our third-party liability cover option, you can get personal liability and property liability. Personal accident covers for the driver, owner, and passengers.
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