Corporate Business Travel Insurance Australia

Business Travel insurance, provides insurance for staff to travel for business in Australia and Overseas. A standard Travel Insurance will also provide cover for pure leisure travel for Directors and management, and also incidental leisure travel attached to business travel for employees of the business.
Corporate Travel Insurance also covers your directors and employees, and spouses and dependents travelling with them. When business travel doesn’t go to plan, Corporate Travel Insurance can help to cover out-of-pocket costs to your business and employees.
Are you a person who used to be on corporate tours quite often? Then, it is necessary for you to have corporate travel insurance Australia according to your preference. At Integrity Insurance Solutions, we offer you with the different categories of deals according to overseas travel insurance. We prepare a customized insurance plan for you depending upon your personal requirements.

Company Travel Insurance For Employees

Having a comprehensive travel policy is important for the benefit of your valuable employee. So, it’s a great idea you can attract and hire good talent. It indicates the health and welfare of the trusted employees is your prime concern. This insurance saves the business from huge financial losses or stress, which may occur in case of change in plan or for non-occurrence or in case of disasters as well. Your business can pay for the outright coverage and even employee can buy the coverage according to their choice according to per trip basis and get it reimbursement by the company.

Corporate Travel Insurance Policy Coverage

Corporate Travel Policy will typically have the following areas of coverage.

  • Accident or damage during corporate tour
  • When the baggage is misplaced or lost while going on corporate tour
  • When you are hospitalized due to accident or for any health issue, hospital and medicine expenses will be paid by the policy coverage
  • When there is a cancellation fee for accommodation or for any other thing
  • It pays for valuables or baggage lost while you are travelling
  • When your travel documents are either misplaced or lost
  • It pays for rental vehicle excess
  • When you need an alternative employee or for continuing the assignment
  • For kidnap and random
  • When your flight is hijacked,
  • Personal legal responsibility
  • Compensation for extra territorial workers

Get Affordable Travel Protection For Your Business

Advantages You Will Have When Get Corporate Travel Insurance Australia

Safety and Security

In case of any unexpected emergency medical evacuation of the policy holder, we offer you safety and security using corporate travel insurance. Everything is insured under single premium payments.

Medical Facility

A corporate travel insurance Policy Australia will offer medical services and facilities when due to any health issue policy holder needed to be hospitalized while traveling. It also covers accidental injuries. We provide you with the hospital details cash coverage along with offered deals. We like most of the insurance providers for the repair and unfortunate occurrence such as terrorism, civil war, suicide, nervous and mental issues personal inflicted injuries or accident occurrence in the influence of drugs or liquor.

Dental Expenses

With business travel insurance Australia, we offer coverage or unexpected emergency expenses for dental issues. Our skilled team at Integrity Insurance Solutions prepares plans so that you can combat with the issue without paying money for such expenses. Its true dental issues do not occur commonly, but still, it provides coverage to the traveler.

Bears Expenses for Making Fresh Passport

The insurance plan and policy cover for the overhead costs which are asked for preparing fresh passport. This policy plan is flexible and so we make it sure you will get the right coverage amount at the time you wanted to get it for.

Compensation For Cancelation Or Delay In Flight

with travel insurance, we offer clients compensation under vacation insurance for a business trip, in case the flight goes delayed for 12 h or more.

Funeral And Repatriation Services

In case, while traveling abroad, travels dies, then the cost of funeral or to get the body back to the home place costs much. When taking this insurance plan with us, we prepare the policy to offer you maximum coverage with bearing the entire cost of repatriation or funeral services.

Why Choose Integrity Insurance Solutions?

Having a corporate travel is amusing and exciting, but it makes our duty to make that comfortable and tension free for you. With the presence of a comprehensive and sensible corporate travel insurance policy for business tours, it has become a convenient and a peace of mind. At Integrity Insurance Solutions we have a range of markets from local, interstate and overseas. This makes you sure to get the best policies, with maximum coverage at most affordable price.
When you are going to take the corporate travel insurance, then the reliability of the policy is your utter concern, but when you are taking the insurance plans from us, then we make sure this must be for your benefit. Today, taking the corporate travel insurance is effectively economical way to keep you safe on your business tour. So, whether you own a small, medium or a large-scale business, it is beneficial for you to take the insurance policy.
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