Product Liability Insurance And Why Is It Important?

Everything You Need To Know About Product Liability Insurance

In the current world, insurance is inevitable for a business, as it helps protect the business from various uncertainties and unfortunate events. Thus, to safeguard the business, insurance is important. If you have a business, you must contact the best insurance broker in Brisbane and safeguard your business to protect it from different risks and problems. 

There are different types of methods you can use to prepare your business for unexpected risks. One method is to protect the business through insurance. There are different types of insurance available that protect businesses from different aspects, such as cyber security insurance, product liability insurance, public liability insurance, business interruption insurance, and many more. 

According to the requirements and needs of your business, invest in the right insurance. This blog explains product liability insurance and all you need to know about it. 

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability insurance covers your business from different legal actions, property damage, or personal injury caused to your client because of your product. Consult a product liability insurance broker in Brisbane to protect your business. If you are a manufacturer, seller, distributor or similar role, you are responsible for the product. If this product causes damage to your clients or third party, you will be liable for the damage. Product liability is mostly taken with public liability insurance; you must know the difference between product and public liability insurance and invest accordingly.

What Does Product Liability Insurance Cover?

Product liability insurance can cover your expenses incurred due to legal defence or if you are found guilty. This insurance generally covers:

  • Property Damage: If your product causes third-party property damage, then in such cases, you will be liable to pay for the expenses. 
  • Personal Injury/ Illness: If your product causes injury or illness to someone, then your product liability insurance can save you and pay for the legal cases and expenses. For example, your product malfunctioned and caused injury, or your product, such as food, is contaminated and causes illness. In both these cases, product liability insurance can be useful. Contact the best product liability insurance broker in Brisbane and safeguard yourself from such scenarios. 

Make sure to read the document that clearly states what is and isn’t covered in the insurance and accordingly pursue it. 

What Is Not Covered In Product Liability Insurance?

The things that are not covered in product liability insurance are:

  • If you made changes in your product without documenting them and notifying your insurance provider, then the policy becomes void. 
  • Cyber attacks are done by you or your own employees.
  • Claims of injury made by your employees or you. 
  • Defamation cases filed against you will not be covered in the policy. 

If you need more coverage or want your policy to cover different types of damage, you must consult with the best insurance broker in Brisbane and get your insurance policy accordingly. 

Importance Of Product Liability Insurance

It is an important insurance for any business that deals with the production, manufacturing, distribution or sales of a product. Irrespective of the product, this insurance is required, as claims can be made in case the product is faulty or causes property damage or personal injury. In such cases, product liability insurance can provide you with legal and financial protection. 

To know how you can use it to protect your business, you must consult with an insurance broker, as it can be very beneficial for you. There are multiple reasons why a business needs an insurance broker, and one of them is to safeguard your business from unfortunate events, employee dishonesty and many more. 


Product liability insurance is the best and must-have for businesses that deal with products or sales, distribution, and manufacturing. Contact the best product liability insurance broker in Brisbane and protect your business from claims of injury or property damage to a third party caused by your product. Ensure that you carefully read the documents and know what your policy covers and doesn’t cover. Hence, get this insurance as it is crucial for legal and financial protection.

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