A historical overview of insurance and how it evolved

Evolution of Insurance: A Brief History Of Insurance Practices

Insurance is a tool that has become an indispensable part of today’s world. But have you ever wondered how insurance came into existence? As unfortunate events are unexpected, they can cause not only physical and emotional harm but also financial harm. Sometimes, these harms can be so great that it becomes nearly impossible to recover from them. To prevent such adverse situations, insurance came into existence. 

In today’s world, insurance can be availed easily from the best insurance broker in Brisbane. Choose from different types of insurance depending on their needs and requirements. People use insurance brokers to help them choose the right insurance by comparing and weighing different policies. In this blog, we will learn about how insurance evolved and look at a brief historical overview of insurance practices. 

Evolution of Insurance

Ancient Origins

The idea of insurance can be traced back to 1750 BC when ancient civilisations such as Babylon, Rome, and China were established. The concept of insurance was used informally by the ancient civilisation to protect themselves from losses while trading goods. Groups were formed where merchants contributed money together, and in case some loss or damage was incurred while trading, this money would be used to compensate for the loss. This was used to compensate for loss as the concept of insurance and business insurance brokers in Brisbane was not common or rightly developed.

Insurance In the Medieval Ages

The marine trade became prevalent during the Middle Ages in Europe. In this period, different ship owners contributed and made mutual societies share the losses incurred in sea voyages. The term used for insurance was ‘bottomry contract’. It is the earliest known insurance and was used in ancient Greece. 

Modern Insurance

In the 17th Century, the insurance concept started when Llyod’s of London was set up in 1988. It began as a place where insurance for ships and cargo was discussed and agreed upon by people in this industry. It stated the rules and agreements of insurance and how the policies will work. On the contrary, today, we have insurance brokers in Brisbane, and proper policies have been formulated to help people claim and apply for insurance. 

Fire Insurance and Great Fire of London

The Great Fire of London is a known event in which nearly 13,200 homes were destroyed by fire in 1666. During this time, the city was also recovering from the plague, leaving many people (almost 100,000) homeless. The next year, Nicholas Barbon, who was a property developer, started selling fire insurance, which later became established as the Fire Office in 1680 as a joint-stock company. 

Expansion of Insurance during the Industrial Revolution

It started in the 18th and 19th centuries and accelerated the need for insurance and insurance companies. As many industries faced issues with their machinery and equipment, insurance companies started to provide a wide range of insurance coverage, such as personal insurance, property insurance, machinery and plant insurance, etc., to mitigate their loss. Even today, many business insurance brokers in Brisbane provide an insurance package that covers many assets and safeguard your business from perils, and in this way, insurance brokers play a crucial role in the industry.

Insurance Regulations and Standardisation

Since the insurance industry started growing, the government has started to regulate and make provisions to standardise it. It was done to avoid customer exploitation and ensure stability. Therefore, the government established regulations and standards to govern the industry practices, such as policy provisions, solvency requirements and consumer protection. 

Insurance Globalisation

In the 20th and 21st Century, insurance became a popular industry and grew globally. There are many insurance providers that provide insurance to companies across the world. The need for insurance has also grown with the industry. Thus, insurance brokers help people select the right insurance as per their requirements. There are different reasons why your business needs an insurance broker; understand these needs and consult the best business insurance brokers in Brisbane. 


Insurance has also gone through an evolution, from being an informal arrangement of contributing money to becoming a bottomry contract; later, due to the Great London fire, the concept really became involved and shaped the insurance industry we know today. Investing in insurance with the help of the right insurance brokers in Brisbane has become crucial. Thus, consult the best insurance provider.

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