Exotic Vehicle Insurance

Exotic Vehicle Insurance

If you are fond of cars, especially luxury cars, you must get exotic vehicle insurance in Brisbane. These cars are not just a means of transportation; they carry special value. Thus, Integrity Insurance provides customised and personalised solutions to insure these cars depending on your requirements and needs. The insurance provides many features and benefits. High-value assets and luxury cars, sports cars, and classic cars can be insured under exotic cars insurance policy.

Which Cars Come Under Exotic Vehicle Insurance?

Sports cars

Cars that have high performance, such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren.

Classic and Vintage cars

Rare and vintage classic cars are significant because of their historic values and limited availability.

Luxury cars

High-value luxury cars are from world-famous brands such as Rollys-Royce, Bentley, and Aston Martin.


Cars with powerful and exclusive engines such as Bugatti, Koenigsegg, and Pagani.

Limited Edition Models

These include special edition vehicles, cars of famous brands, or sports car models produced in limited quantities.

Modified and Custom Cars

These are high-value cars because they are custom-made or significantly modified, making them highly unique and valuable.

Features and Benefits

  • Agreed value coverage
  • Specialised coverage options
  • Higher liability limits
  • Expert appraisals
  • Usage Restrictions
  • Choice of repairer
  • Deductibles and premiums

What Does Exotic Vehicle Insurance In Brisbane Cover?

As exotic cars are high-value assets, it is essential for owners to get premium insurance to protect the car from various unfortunate events and for its maintenance. With this insurance, you can get roadside assistance, engine protection, depreciation coverage, and more. Its add-on benefits can include the insurer paying for expensive spare parts, accessories and modifications, multiple vehicle discounts, etc. Contact the insurance provider to understand all the terms, conditions, advantages and add-ons included in the policy, when buying insurance for your luxury cars.

Why You Need Exotic Vehicle Insurance?

The best insurer provides different advantages to their customers, such as roadside assistance, rental protection, protection in events where the car gets damaged, and agreed-value coverage. Such vehicles do not depreciate with time; instead, their value increases. Hence, getting the best exotic vehicle insurance in Brisbane is necessary.
To get the best deal for your exotic vehicle, contact the best insurance brokers in Brisbane, Integrity Insurance Solutions. We assist clients in insuring their luxury vehicles. The insurance helps cover the cost of car damage, repair and maintenance. We go the extra mile to help you with your luxury car needs. Contact us or email us at [email protected] to learn more about our insurance policy and if you have any inquiries. 


Generally, the exotic vehicle insurance in Brisbane is expensive. Whenever the car needs repair, original spare parts are required, which are costly and hard to find. Besides this, it is repaired from an authorised repair shop only. Hence, the choice of repairer is given to the client owning exotic vehicles. Also, the work on the body of the car is expensive. Due to all these factors, exotic vehicle insurance is costly.
Insurance companies consider many factors before offering exotic vehicle insurance and quoting premiums. These factors include the age of the car, mileage driven per month or yearly, car make, condition of the exotic vehicle (interior and exterior), and frequency of car use.
Exotic vehicle insurance is expensive because the cars are of high value, and in case of damage, their repair is also expensive. Hence, when buying car insurance for your exotic vehicle, invest in comprehensive insurance that provides multiple benefits and add-ons. In addition, choose coverage and add-ons thoroughly, calculate premiums and compare different policies to ensure you get the best deal.
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