Income Protection Insurance Australia

With Integrity Insurance Solutions, we enable you to insure your earnings with income protection insurance Australia. Income protection is what offers you regular cash amount even when you cannot work with special reasons like sudden illness or accident. It covers a huge percentage of the income for a special period. With income protection policy, we offers you benefit approximately 75% of monthly pretax income for special cases, when the insurance holder is ill or met an accident and due to that unable to work.n

Understanding What is Income Protection Insurance?

With income protection policy, one can have benefit approximately 75% of monthly pretax income for special cases, when the insurance holder is ill or met an accident and due to that unable to work. The protection can be availed in two ways to secure your income: one agreed value, where you must decide the receiving amount for every month or second is indemnity, where you must prove the income at the claim time, but not at the time of applying for the same.
It depends on the policy type you go with, still, we can suggest you with the best plan you can get maximum possible cover with. After looking for all points, including how much percentage of your wages, the waiting period before the start of payment and for how long you will receive the payments, we suggest you to get insured with certain limits.

Types of Income Protection Insurance Australia

There are three main types of Income Protection Insurance Australia.

Payment Protection Insurance

With payment protection insurance, we prepare the plans of how to make repayments on the outstanding loans, which is generally for two years.

Accident, Unemployment or Sickness

When you get unemployed, sick or met with accident, then you are not tied with any dept, but having Income protection insurance Australia, you will able to get the cover about 50% of the normal salary every month and for a year.

Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance

This insurance plans is prepared for your assurance for you so that if you are not able to work due to any reason, then your mortgage will be covered. This insurance plan gives cover for around 12 months.

Income Protection Insurance Australia

  • Workers’ wages in the event that they’re not fit to work
  • The expense of their recovery and medication

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Who Are Eligible For Income Protection Policy?

Income protection insurance Australia is helpful to pay your necessities if you are unable to rejoin the work in case of met accident or illness. To get the insurance claim there are some of the eligibility you need to be with
  • If you have been working for 20 h or more in a week from at least a year
  • If you are an Australian resident age between 18 to 59
  • Some of the policy claims do not require to have done with medical tests at the time of application. So, you must keep your insurer updated when have changes in employment, income or health issues if raised throughout the insurance duration or when applying for the change in cover.

How Integrity Insurance Solutions Helpful To Get Income Insurance Protection?

Income insurance is necessary for making you get income in some special cases. With integrity insurance solutions, we make you get the maximum insurance cover at the right time. We consider all the financial obligations so that can help you work with the wages percentage you wanted to have financial independence. Having income protection policy Australia is helpful to keep your income at the crucial level. As a result of that all payments or bills will be paid, and so you can focus over the recovery and get treatments so that can return to work.

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