Industrial Special Risks Insurance

Industrial Special Risks Insurance

Industrial Special Risks Insurance is a comprehensive insurance policy that provides cover against a broad range of risks. It is highly beneficial for large and complex businesses with business assets worth millions. ISR policy providers cover against material damage (related to property) and business interruption (loss of income due to property or material damage). Although it covers different risks, it also has certain exclusions and limits. Hence, you must consult with the best insurance brokers to get industrial special risks insurance in Brisbane and understand all the terms and risks the policy covers.

Who can benefit from the ISR (Industrial Special Risks Insurance) policy?

  • Manufacturers
  • Warehouses
  • Health care providers
  • Accommodation and
  • Hospitality Businesses
  • Aged care providers
  • Logistics firms

What Are The Key Features Of ISR?

Industrial special risks insurance has different features. Some of the key features of ISR policy are as follows:

Material Loss or Damage

One of the features of ISR is that it protects against material loss or damage due to natural or accidental causes. For instance, in case of material damage due to fire or storm, you can use the insurance cover to repair your premises and assets such as buildings and stock.

Machinery Breakdown

Sometimes, even well-maintained machinery can unexpectedly fail, impacting your core business operations. In such cases, ISR insurance can help you cover the cost of machinery breakdown. Contact the best insurance broker to get industrial insurance in Brisbane and to learn more about ISR policy.

Protection Against Theft and Fraud

Despite your best efforts, theft and fraud can occur and harm the business. It can be done by external parties or sometimes even by your own employees. The ISR policy can protect against such theft and fraud.

Business Interruption

Due to different reasons, such as fire, storms, or floods, business operations can be impacted. Such problems interrupt the functioning of the business, resulting in a loss of income. This insurance can help you cover financial losses and keep your business afloat in tough times.

Benefits of ISR Policy

The ISR policy is beneficial for businesses that have high-value assets. As it protects a variety of risks, large companies should consider getting industrial special risks insurance in Brisbane from a trusted insurance broker.
With the help of the ISR policy, different risks, such as material loss or damage, financial loss, business interruption, etc., can be covered. Even medium and small businesses with high-value assets should invest in ISR insurance policies to protect themselves from unexpected accidents, thefts and frauds.
Investing in industrial special risk insurance is worth every penny, as it protects from various risks. Different incidents and accidents can harm business operations. It is better to be insured to keep things moving in hard times. Also, ensure to get industrial insurance in Brisbane from the best insurance brokers, Integrity Insurance Solutions. We will guide you every step of the way and take measures that best suit you and your business. For more information, please email us at [email protected] or call us today!


Since it covers a broad range of risks, it is also called an ‘all risks’ insurance policy. However, please note all risks differ from one another. You should contact the best insurance broker to learn about industrial special risks insurance policy in Brisbane and confirm with them which all risks are covered in your insurance policy. Accordingly, you can proceed with your insurance policy.
This policy covers loss or damage to business plants, machinery, employees, stock, raw materials, etc. It also covers extra costs, loss of profits, theft and fraud, accidental damage, and mechanical breakdown.
There are two categories of exclusions in industrial special risk insurance policies: property exclusions and peril exclusions. Railway rolling stock, Live animals, growing crops or property in the open air are examples of standard property exclusions. In contrast, machinery breakdown and flood are examples of standard perils exclusions.
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