Mobile Plant and Machinery Insurance Policy Information

Integrity Insurance Solutions is known as one of the leading brokers in Plant and Machinery Field. We guide you altered earthmoving Plant and Equipment policies to save your machine, along with attachments, equipment and liability section.
  • Protect yourself from any down time and output as a result of breakdown, theft or loss
  • Ensure that you’re covered for the cost of replacement of parts or equipment
  • This is vital to reduce your 3rd party exposure to any large public liability incidents

Mobile Plant and Machinery Policy Cover Plans By Integrity Insurance Solutions

High Value equipment Covers

Plant & Machinery Insurance policy have the cover options along with benefits compared to a standard commercial Motor Insurance Policy. It covers the risk of damage to the equipment with high value and it covers issues exist in the industry. We keep you protected with offering the suitable cover options against such risks. We are at a call away from you whenever required.

Financial Loss

Our insurance policy gives you cover from the agreed value or lease value protection.

Vendor Protection Plan

We have cover option according to your interests. We suggest the coverage for the vehicle accordingly like is it operated by an employee, or you need specifications outside manufacturer’s specifications.

For Business Continuation

We offer coverage for the consequential loss or if required an enhanced cost of working cover.

Replacement Requirements

We with insurance cover get done the replacements for old or new vehicles and machines in case required.

Cover for Unstipulated Attachments

If something is not specified then this is not covered, but with us we give coverage for $10,000 of 10% of Insured sum to make claims for unspecific attachments.

Vehicles You Hire

We provide you with alternative vehicles in case you cannot use your vehicles or they have gone for repair.

Making Hiring

We offer you cover for sudden physical loss, or damage done to the mobile plan or other equipment hired.

Material Damage

We pay damages done due to equipment failure or losses due to the storm, fire, earthquake, thunderstorm or for any other foul play.

Public Liability Insurance

We offer liability covers other than the insured vehicles.

Road Risk

This will offer coverage in case of property of damage or for third parties when wanted to use, operate or for towing the registered road vehicle or machine, which is used for the business any way.

The breakdown of Machinery

we offer coverage for the unexpected breakdown of mechanical, electronic or electrical parts of machinery, which might put off the regular use of machine.

Broadform Liability

We get done the legal liabilities in case of having injured to any of the employee of the business or for property damage or even for advertising injury due to the occurrence of declared business operations.

Need For Expert Advice Talk For Mobile Plant and Machinery Insurance

Insurance For all types of Mobile Plant and Equipment

Our team at Integrity Insurance Solutions helps you with the specially designed solution to insure your equipment. Some of them include
  • Earthmoving, Skid Steers and its attachments
  • Excavators and Asphalting Machines
  • Crane and Lifting Equipment
  • Forklifts, and Trucks & Tippers
  • Non-Self Pushing Plant
  • Concreting Equipment such as Line pumps, Booms and Satellite pumps
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Harvesters and Farm equipment
  • Mining and Drilling Equipment
  • Drilling Arrangements

What Makes Integrity Insurance Solutions Right Choice For You

Whether you have a small business with one machine or large-scale business with hundreds of machines, we look after the matter affecting your business. We review the risk possibilities for your business and create the protection plan. At Integrity Insurance Solutions, our professional team thinks out of the box and always ready with the plans to safeguard your business against the updates in government legislation.
  • We have specialization in Plant and Equipment Insurance
  • Available with risk management options
  • Skilled insurance advisors create the altered package policy as personal requirement
  • Professionally skilled management team
  • Able to get premium discounts for drivers owning business
  • We commute with logistic and plant & Machinery solicitors guided us law updates

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