Motor Trades Insurance

Motor Trades Insurance

Motor Trade Insurance is essential for businesses involved with selling, purchasing and repairing cars. It also includes valeting services for vehicles. Motor trade insurance in Brisbane provides a wide range of coverage such as product and public liabilities, machinery, tools and equipment breakdown, property damage, third-party liabilities and many more. It helps reduce financial loss and ensures business continuity even in unfortunate events or circumstances. Hence, when buying motor trade insurance for your business, contact the best insurance company, Integrity Insurance. We provide comprehensive insurance solutions that can be customised to suit your business needs.

What Types of Business Are Covered By Motor Trade Insurance?

  • Car dealership
  • Auto repair shops
  • Garages
  • Motor Body shops
  • Car valeting services
  • Car rental companies
  • Vehicle recovery operators

Why is Motor Trade Insurance Needed?

Motor trade insurance for business owners working in the automotive industry. If your business provides buying, selling, repairing and valeting car services, you can benefit from motor trade insurance in Brisbane. Motor trade companies can benefit from this insurance as it provides a broad range of coverage, including fire, storm, accidents, machinery and equipment breakdown, road risk, premises insurance, and many more. Thus, by investing in this insurance, you can safeguard your motor trade business and minimise the risk of financial loss.

What Can Be Covered Under Motor Trade Insurance?

Motor trade insurance can offer various types of coverage. These include road risk insurance for third parties only, such as third-party fire, theft, public liability insurance, employer’s liability insurance, product liability insurance, property insurance, tools and equipment insurance and business interruption insurance. If you want to add and customise your insurance policy, you can do so with the help of your insurance provider.

Integrity Insurance is your trusted partner for motor trade insurance in Brisbane. We provide a customised insurance policy for our clients. If you want a personalized insurance policy that suits your business requirements, contact our insurance team or email us at [email protected]. We will guide you as per your business requirements and needs.


Your insurance provider can guide you in buying motor trade insurance. Depending on your insurance provider and policy, you can add additional coverage to your insurance plan. Many business insurances can be covered in the insurance policy, such as product and public liability, workers’ compensation insurance, etc. In addition, you can add business interruption insurance, employee liability insurance, and cyber insurance to protect your business from a broad range of threats and risks.
To lower the cost of motor trade insurance, you must implement risk measures such as investing in security systems, which will help create a safe environment. Besides this, maintain a clean driving record and regularly review and update your insurance policy to ensure it covers the changing needs of your motor trade business. Contact Integrity Insurance for customised motor trade insurance in Brisbane at competitive prices.
Yes, adding vehicles or drivers to your motor trade insurance policy is possible. However, it is important that you first inform your insurance company about the changes in your business. Accordingly, the insurance company will update your policy. It is essential to ensure that your policy coverage is adequate as per your requirements.
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