Personal Insurance

Life Insurance protects your family’s financial security should the worst happen to you, with the payment of lump sum benefits. This payment can be used to help cover mortgage payments, school fees, day to day bills, groceries and other living expenses.

Life insurance has inbuilt features covering for terminal illness as well as advance payment to cover the funeral cost.

Total permanent Disability also know as TPD which pays lump sum benefits in the event of you become totally and permanently disabled and are unlikely to work again. Total permanent disability can be taken for your own occupation and any occupation. Total permanent disability can happen due to any illness including mental health or due to any bodily injury.

Trauma or its also called Critical illness provides lump sum benefits if you are diagnoses with a specified medical condition, serious injury or if you undergo a certain medical condition.

Trauma cover usually helps with 43 – 58 medical conditions such as: Heart attack, Cancer, Stroke, Major organ transplants etc…..

Here is the list of medical conditions where you receive 100% lump sum benefits on the diagnoses of Heart conditions such as heart attack, Cardiac arrest, Open heart surgery, Brain conditions such as Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, Cancers and Tumours, nervous system disorders, Mobility conditions such as loss or paralysis of limb, Muscular dystrophy, Blood conditionssuch as aplastic anaemia, HIV, Sensory conditionsfor Blindness, Deafness, Body organ conditions or Other events such as Burns, Coma, Diabetes……

Also, partial payment is made for 14 other critical illness conditions which are Cancer and Tumours including Benign tumour, brain surgery and Melanoma, Body organ conditions, Brain disorder condition, sensory conditions and other events such as burns, Diabetes and critical care…

Income Protection: The ability to earn an income is an important asset. An injury or sickness that prevents you from working can have a significant financial impact, both short term and long term. Income protection insurance aims to minimise this financial impact of sickness or injury by replacing income lost during a prolonged absence from work.

Business expense insurance can help you with the business-related expenses in order to keep the business going while the insured person is unable to work due to personal injury or sickness.

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