Professional Indemnity Insurance for Lawyers

Professional Indemnity Insurance For Lawyers In Brisbane

The job of a lawyer is risky as many legalities are involved. A minor negligence in the work can cause their clients to face economic or financial loss. Hence, lawyers need to get professional indemnity insurance. It is a type of insurance coverage that helps lawyers in cases where they face legal actions from clients who faced loss due to their legal advice or practice. This insurance for lawyers in Brisbane enables you to safeguard your business while dealing with such legal actions. It also demonstrates your responsibility and accountability in case you are held liable. It makes you a trustworthy lawyer and improves your reputation among clients.

Features and Benefits of Professional Indemnity Insurance For Lawyers

As the policy offers many benefits, it is essential to go through the terms and conditions of the policy carefully. Contact the best insurance broker while buying professional indemnity insurance for lawyers in Brisbane.
Damage or loss is part of any business operation but can result in a massive downfall. Truck, plant and machinery insurance in Brisbane provided by Integrity Insurance guarantees complete protection for your success. Our services provide insurance plans that fit your business needs and requirements to manage the damage or loss caused by unforeseen events.

What Does Professional Indemnity Insurance For Lawyers Cover?

Professional indemnity insurance covers many things that can help you as a lawyer and reduce your burden if you face any legal action from your clients. This insurance policy covers the following:

Court Fees

The policy will help cover costs incurred while filing documents and getting related services from the court.

Defence Costs

The policy will also cover defence costs, which include expenses such as hiring lawyers, fighting the case, etc. Depending on the case’s complexity, the fees to handle the case can be high.

Compensation and Settlement Costs

The insurance policy will cover the cost if the lawyer is liable to provide the complainant compensation. Also, in many cases, matters are settled out of court. However, even to settle the case out of court, the lawyer may need to pay the complainant some amount. Contact a trusted insurance broker to invest in professional indemnity insurance for lawyers in Brisbane.

Administrative Costs

Administrative costs can be incurred for filing the case, covered by the professional indemnity insurance for lawyers in Brisbane. Administrative costs include charges for shipping, software, xerox photocopies, etc.

Exclusions for Professional Indemnity Insurance For Lawyers

  • Association with violence, war or terrorism
  • Legal advice given in the intoxicated state
  • Services provided under the influence of drugs or related to narcotics
  • Huge fines and penalties
  • Personal injuries because of defamation, wrong detention or false arrest
  • Involvement in criminal activity or violation of law

Why Should You Buy Integrity Insurance's Professional Indemnity Insurance For Lawyers?

Integrity Insurance is your trusted partner for professional indemnity insurance for lawyers in Brisbane. We ensure that we provide support at every step and guide you throughout the policy. We aim to help the client and deliver 100% satisfaction. Hence, our practices and methods are client-oriented and flexible to cater to all your unique requirements. Thus, if you want to get professional indemnity insurance for lawyers, please get in touch with us by phone or email at [email protected] Contact us and take the first step towards an insured future.


Considering the risks included in the work, lawyers should invest in professional indemnity insurance. It helps them safeguard their future and mitigate risks whenever they arise.
Professional indemnity insurance provides multiple benefits to lawyers, such as coverage against legal claims, compensations, and settlements. Also, getting this insurance increases your credibility as it showcases your accountability and responsibility.
Various factors can affect the premium cost of professional indemnity insurance for lawyers. These factors include risk management practices, disciplinary and regulatory history, claim history of business, area of expertise and practice and your ability to meet uncovered claims. For proper information about insurance for lawyers in Brisbane, contact an expert and experienced insurance broker.
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