Professional Indemnity Insurance
Professional Indemnity Insurance is for those who are committed to provide the consultation or adequate designs, services and advice to the clients. Having this insurance cover will give you cover from the legal costs and spending for claims defending. If you must pay compensation to the client for correcting the mistake, then will get claim due to having cover. Professional Indemnity Insurance is more off like a protection cover for individuals and businesses gives services with full compensation and costs because of loss-caused clients. The insurance company gives coverage for the alleged failure of the services given by the company.

Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy Features

Professionals such as engineers, architects, doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants and one who provides medical services have to be secured against the legal claims, which can be there in case of having and omissions, errors and due to professional negligence for principals and their employees. We at Integrity Insurance Solutions suggest you with the insurance plans, which give you coverage from the established claims.

What are the benefits of Getting Professional Indemnity Insurance?

  • The insurance plan is specially designed for people from different professions and giving professional services
  • Offers coverage from different risks
  • No- hassle documentation
  • Gives you legal expenses and bear costs incurred with the required consent of the insured
  • Can Get increment or decrease in the amount according to the insured person

Policy Coverage

Legal Liabilities

Professional indemnity insurance Brisbane offers legal liability in case of death or injuries due to breach of professional duties by
1. The insured
2. The precursor in the business of the said firm, incase that is covered
3. A person which is employed by the insured person or that is hired by predecessors in business in the conduct. That person is by or on behalf of that company or for the predecessors of the business conducted in the professional capacity.
Payment for defense costs, fee, and for other spending done in Brisbane according to the law of Australia.

Group Policies

Many insurance providers having the policies came in groups for professional indemnity insurance. Members with a single profession get the coverage. You can get the policies on discounted rates that are part of the plan.

Factors That the Puts Effect To The Cost Of Professional Indemnity Insurance

Huge factors put effect to the cost of professional indemnity insurance and they include
  • Policy covers
  • Business type
  • How developed or aged your business is
  • Retroactive period of the policy
  • Risks for the business
  • Where the business located
  • Yearly business turnover
  • How much employees or clients in the business
  • Business credit score
  • History of the claims asked by the business previously

Exclusions for Professional Indemnity Insurance

There are some exceptions to coverage for professional indemnity insurance.
  • In case, the action is performed criminally or for the act committed in violation of law and ordinance.
  • Services are provided where any kind of intoxicant or narcotic is connected or given under influence or any intoxication.
  • Public liability of any third party
  • In case of any dishonest, criminal, fraud or malicious act
  • When there are huge financial losses due to goodwill loss or loss of market
  • Having penalties, fines, disciplinary or exemplary damages
  • In case of having personal injuries due to false arrest, libel, wrong detention, defamation, slander etc. and as result insurer cause with the mental stress or in shock
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