Professional indemnity insurance for IT Professionals
Professional Indemnity Insurance gives coverage to the legal expenses you make done while defending the accusations of offering the inadequate advice to the client. Professional Insurance Brisbane is helpful for the various businesses like professionals and companies to keep them protected from dealing with losses for the negligence at their end.
At integrity insurance solutions we can explain you well that professional insurance is not just for the businesses, but this gives coverage to the employee, director, principal, partner or any other professionals. We suggest you with the most suitable professional insurances depending over your condition and requirements.

There are two main types of professional indemnity insurance coverage:


This insurance coverage is suitable for professionals which are mainly license holders to make operations.

Medical Malpractice

This professional insurance is suitably prepared for all professionals who are associated with medical background like dentists, doctors and other allied health professionals

Which Professionals Can Avail This Insurance Policy?

Professional Insurance is there to give coverage to almost every licensed industry. Some of the professionals required to take professional insurance includes Engineers, Real estate, Medical professional including doctors, dentist and allied health professionals, Surveying and educational professionals. Our team gives expert advice according to your profession and need.

Factors Needed to Be Considered Before Getting Professional Indemnity Insurance

Legal Requirements

This is the basic point we consider when you ask about getting professional insurance. Getting the coverage as per the legal requirement of the industry is considerably important.

Liability Size

Your liability size is what is a thinkable point to be considered before availing the insurance coverage.

Potential Damage

Many businesses use different instruments for various business operations. Some of them are safe and some of them are risky. We consider such points before suggesting you the most suitable insurance policy.

Number of Clients

Your clients are locally or globally, they have different requirements. So, we keep those clients and their needs to finding before suggesting you with suitable professional insurance Brisbane.

Number of Employees In Your Business

You are a small business owner or have a large-scale business, these facts affect the insurance coverage you are looking for. So, we consider that and will suggest you with the suitable insurance policy to you which gives you the most coverage. At Integrity Insurance Solutions we make sure you get adequate insurance cover and our team of experts would guide you with the best possibilities suitably altered as per your need.

Professional Indemnity Insurance Coverage Explained

Legal Protections Against the Professionalism

Professional insurance is offered by the Integrity Insurance Solutions when it was deemed lacking and ends in the monetary loss of the client. Taking the insurance policy here is important as apposed to the occurrence wording policy. A claim can be asked under the policy. Optional Run Off professional Insurance gives coverage to the completion of claims. The policy remains active, even when the claim is done but not according to the business is operating or not.

What are Exceptions for Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Intentional Damage

To get a claim, sometimes, intentionally damage is done to the business and that is not covered under professional insurance Brisbane.

Existing Conditions

We don’t give coverage to the circumstances you were aware about before getting the policy. Like, if you already having a medical condition before policy and asking the coverage for treatment of same.


We don’t cover claims you made because your business having losses or facing bankruptcy.
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