Public Liability Insurance

Public & Products Liability protects against your legal liability to customers/ clients, suppliers and the community, i.e. third parties (not employees) for:

– personal injury (including death), and
– loss of or damage to property;
arising out of the business’ activities and products. If you are held accountable for grievances, this can negatively impact your reputation and finances.



When a person starts a business, he/she shouldn’t remove the likely risks that the business may open to. For example, a client visit to your office may lead to any injury unfortunately due to any incident, prompting hospitalization. Where this prompts a liability emerging out of injury? That is the reason for having your business secured with public Liability Insurance is required.

While public liability insurance isn’t compulsory for most companies, it is prescribed for all businesses. This is because uncertain nature of accidents makes them difficult to prevent – and the amount of being sued can be extremely high.

Any kind of unexpected occurrences which could emerge out of your company’s operations which may cause problems to third party property including customers and public, will be secured by this Insurance. Though, you must have to define an identity of the occurrence and limit of economic payment based on the danger perceived. The claim linked to Public Liability are less expected and can emerge out of any unluckily happening. It also covers the stress or stun that your business causes someone else.

Apart from the compensation amount, your business is liable to pay, it’ll also cover up the cost of whole investigation process, defending and also the settling claims.

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