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Are you capable of doing mechanical magic on imported cars? Or, the company has the reputation for repairs, transmissions, exhausts or windshields. Or, there is a line of customers to get the car wash. Whatever the automotive service you are offering to your customers, along with that the necessary point is to think about the insurance. Integrity Insurance Solutions having the reputation for doing that suitable whether you have small business or you should choose the policy or claim for the large business. We are also offering various auto mechanic shop insurance, so you can pick the most suitable one for you.

Types Of Coverage Auto Repair Shop Insurance Include

We at Integrity Insurance Solutions offering the main types of auto mechanic shop insurance policies that can be helpful for business wellness.

General Liability Insurance

With general liability insurance, three types of coverage are available including premises liability, cover for completed work, and product liability. All of the three give different coverage including accident cover and another damage cover.

Garage Keepers Liability

Repair jobs always required time and for that, you should have a garage to keep the vehicles of the customers safe. In case, from your garage any damage done to the vehicle or that is stolen, then taking a shop garage keepers liability insurance gives you coverage and manages the financial losses.

Property Insurance

In case of any mishap done with the office or shop, including the equipment fails or tools damage, you will be covered with auto repair insurance. It repairs the property, repair equipment or tools and saves a huge sum of money. It also covers natural disasters, theft, fire, extreme weather, and vandalism.

Crime Insurance

Sometimes a theft or vandalism was done to your shop or you should face the loss because of the dishonest employee, in that case having crime insurance offers coverage.

Worker’s Compensation

Having the worker’s compensation covers the employees for work-related illness or injury you get while working. Getting harm from the tools is common at the auto repair shop. Taking the insurance handles the medical care and expenses and you will not be liable for the costs.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

For the auto repair work, jacks and automobile lift, etc are vital tools and in the absence of the same, the work will not be possible. In case of a breakdown of tools, the work will get delay. So, getting insurance for your tools will clear the obstacles at the work and you needn’t pay for repairs and replacements.

Business Auto

Using a business vehicle is common today and keeping it in working condition is always necessary. But, along with that ensures that is covered. Business auto is special automobile insurance that covers the vehicle from an accident, repair or damage done to the same. It also gives coverage from theft or vandalism.

Services and Solutions Available For

Auto mechanical shop insurance is designed to give coverage to the auto repair shop mechanics and mobile mechanics form costly liabilities. Garage liability is giving coverage to the garage keepers whether that is small or on large scale. This insurance is giving cover to those who are using commercial autos for deliveries or for personal use. You are from any business including having an automotive repair shop, having a garage, or a car mechanic and having the car body shop, you should have the risk coverage

Protect Your Auto Repair Shop With The Right Business Insurance

Features & Benefits Of Our Auto Repair Business Insurance Policies

Mechanic Insurance policy that covers contents, machinery, tools and building should be opted. It also gives coverage for specific equipment like vehicle ramps, spraying booths and lifting machinery. Getting the public liability gives coverage with Employer’s liability along with service and sales indemnity. We give coverage to various areas in the market from part-time mechanics who want to get road risk policy, or for full time garages and body shops that require insurance coverage for contents, buildings, equipment and money. The coverage is also able for the customer vehicles for diagnosis and testing; provide goods in transit protection when needed. It also gives coverage to the employers who have temporarily shut down the business due to any reason.

Our mechanics and body shop policies give coverage includes

  • Public Liability
  • Portable Hand Tools
  • Lifting Tables Covered
  • No claims Bonus Protection
  • Buildings and Contents Cover
  • Cover for Driving Convictions
  • Cover for Moving Client Cars
  • Sales and Service indemnity
  • Employer’s Liability
  • Mobile Mechanics
  • Courtesy Car Covers
  • Tool and Machinery cover

Risks Coverage in Auto Mechanic Business Insurance

Given here are some of the possible ways proved helpful for risk management for the auto repair shop.

Risk 1

In case, minor accidents happen due to lose break of wheel of the customer’s car. This might be due to a technician did not tighten the lug nuts at the time of rotating tires.

Possible Coverage

Garage keepers insurance and a garage liability insurance would offer helpful coverage costs when there is the technician’s fault or responsibility for the damage at your shop.

Risk 2

A structural damage causes by the truck to your shop when it rolls off the lift and into the wall.


Business property insurance would be helpful for getting done the repair and replacement of equipment, tools or buildings damaged by covered events like fires or accidents.

Risk 3

A fender-bender occurred at the time of test driving the customer’s vehicle whose service is done.


Garage liability or garage keeper coverage is helpful here to get paid for repairs and costs in case the accident done by the customer’s vehicle by you.

Risk 4

The lock of the garage is broken and you discovered that the many equipment costs thousands of dollars are also missing from the garage.


Business personal property insurance is one that proved to be helpful to manage the offset losses, which are there due to robbery at your place.

Get Customized Insurances Designed For Auto Mechanic Shop

Get Value-Added Insurance Services For Your Auto Repair Business

One can get the altered insurance packages by Integrity Insurance Solutions according to the business requirements along with minimizing risk. You are from any business including having an automotive repair shop, having a garage, or a car mechanic, and having a car body shop, you need to have the risk coverage. Business insurance is suitable to package in a single policy, which includes employer liability and cyber liability insurance. We have free loss control services helpful to know the workplace hazards and provide a safe work environment.

Integrity Insurances Solutions, Your Auto Mechanic Shop Insurance Experts

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